All The Names Mean Something

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

All The Names Mean Something

the slippery vowels
the sharp edges of consonants
i trace them all
tasting the air
grow stale & sour
with resentment
i trace them all

the shape of space between bodies
the curved spines of withered children
the woman with her mouth gaping
wide like a fish
who stares into the face of her murderer &
silently pleads

Walz. Zitron. Stein. Rodnianski. Liebmann.

I can’t breathe
feel the sound of why heave
laboriously in my chest, wedged
but the stories that sicken are worth remembering
All The Names Mean Something.

Wender. Gringard. Golomb. Waserman.

this burden was never yours to bear
but now your ashes feed the grass
that grows deliciously all over
the city cut from concrete

i am tracing them too
the cobweb of names that hover like a soft scarf
a sigh of forgiveness that warms the streets
to sleep.


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